last lesson!!! =(

hi all!!

details for tml will be as follows:
venue: Rm1.05
Time: 7pm
Remarks: perform your duets!! =) <3

venue: Rm1.06
Time: 7pm
Remarks: those with 'homework', prepare the given song, those with no homework, just sing your favourite song!!! =))


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21st jan

dear all,

details for lesson will be as follows:

Performing Team
Venue: RM2.16
Time: 7.00pm

Events Team
Venue: RM1.08
Time: 7.00pm

*thanks to FL who reminded the ever forgetful me!!*

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Dear all,

sorry for the late post, I have STM if you all know... =) details for lesson tomorrow will be as follows:

Venue: RM 2.09
Time: 7pm
Task: prepare the songs you all have chosen as groups and perform it! =))

Venue: Rm 1.06
Time: 7pm
Task: prepare the two scary songs and for those who don't need to sing the two songs, prepare your chosen song well. =))


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updates on this thursday lesson

Dear all,

There is a small update on this Thursday lesson.

For performing, Sugie requested to do pop quiz again. Like what you guys did last last last week where you guys team up to sing some song impromptu kind.

For events, Kok Leong requested you guys to sing your favourite song choice.

Well, that's all for the updates!

See you guys then!!

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hello 2010!

Dear Esprimerians,

Happy 2010!

Hope you guys had a great christmas and had a great start for the new year. Well, after two weeks of rest, the vocal lessons for Jan are finally commencing!

Here are the details:

Date: 7 Jan 2010
Day: Thursday
Time: 7pm
Venue: Room 2.09

Date: 7 Jan 2010
Day: Thursday
Time: 7pm
Venue: Room 1.08

NOTE TO ALL: Please bring along the vocal lesson fees, $30, for January as well.

I'll see you guys on this coming Thursday then!

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welcoming... the new batch of excos!!

dear all,

hope you all enjoyed PK nite yesterday and had a good rest from all the endless meetings with your groups. so now, let's welcome the new batch of excos for 2010!! let's all work well together to provide more unforgettable memories for all esprimere peeps in future!! =)

the following will be the full strength of exco members for next year:
President: Marlene
V.President: PeiWen
Secretary: Sheena
Treasurer (performing): Adele
Treasurer (events): Lili
Logistics Head: Wendy
Logistics ic 2: Haoyi
Logistics ic 3: Jokko
Events Head: BoWei
Events ic 2: Raine
Events ic 3: LiRong
Events ic 4: Si Hui
Events ic 5: Ka Ming
Events ic 6: Bonson

So... **applause**

from now, most of the exco meetings will be involving all of you.. the first one will be...

Date: 28th December 2009
Day: Monday
Venue: Rm3.11
Time: 7.00pm
Attendance: COMPULSORY

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results of pk night

Dear Esprimerians,

Hope you guys enjoyed the PK night! First of all, congrads to our beloved White Team for clinching the Best Team award and Andy for Best Performer award! applauses*

You guys were fabulous tonight. To me, everybody is a winner cos you guys participated enthusiastically! I LIKE!

With all those presents, food and laughters here's a glimpse of the results:

English Country
Teck Sheng (R) - 76
Ka Ming (W) - 70
Brian (Y) - 50.5

English Pop
Lirong (W) - 90
Jokko (R) - 81
Marlene (Y) - 62.5

English Soul
Lili (W) - 86
ZhiQi (Y) - 75
Joyelle (R) - 70

Chinese R&B
Peiwen (Y) - 78.5
Xuanyu (W) - 58.5
Sherlin (R) - 51

Chinese Imitation
Xuan Cheng (R) - 90.5
Haoyi (W) - 68.5

Chinese Local Artiste
PJ (R) - 85.5
Andy (W) - 85
Wendy (Y) - 62.5

Group Rock
Red Team - 65
White Team - 64

Group Dance
Red Team - 84
White Team -80

Group 70's and 80's
White Team -70
Red Team - 60
Yellow Team - 37.5

White - 73.9%
Red - 73.6%
Yellow - 61%

Best Performer
Andy (W)

Again, you guys are all winners! Seeing all of you working hard together for this PK night is i don't know what to say. LOL.

And to my two red and yellow team leaders, Sheena and Allie, you guys did great! :)

Continue to work hard on the vocals yeah! See you guys when the new year start!

Merry merry christmas and a happy new year to all!


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